Workshop 2

Another great session out at Roelands with the ABLP group earlier this week. A big thank you to Lesley Nelson, CEO of SWAMS, for her inspiring words on planning, marketing and opportunities in the region. Our thanks also go to Alison Maggs from WALGA who provided a wonderful insight into local government procurement to the group. We feel very grateful to have people take time out from their busy schedules to spend time with this great mob of current and future business leaders.

Additional thanks go to the Earl brothers who are not only savvy entrepreneurs but it turns out they can also cook up a mean seafood feast, multi talented young men!

We can't wait to catch up with all participants to progress plans in the coming weeks and we look forward to the next training session in late May.

LN PM 2.jpg

Lesley Nelson CEO SWAMS with Paul Morgan Betterlink Group CEO