Whatever your budget, support requirements and learning needs we are confident we can help you to achieve your career or personal goals.

Our learning and assessment options include:


Providing an interactive, creative and flexible learning experience. One where you are in control and receive ongoing support from trainers and assessors who are experts in their field. We like to call this Online learning with the personal touch, offering tremendous value and great bang for your buck!

For detail of all our online courses available please click the following link - Online Courses

However, Online isn’t for everyone as, despite our support, you need to be committed and self-motivated. If you are unsure you may be better with another learning and assessment option, such as our Assisted Recognition Model.

Assisted Recognition Modelthe Betterlink way of doing things

A flexible, tailored approach to training and assessment that's highly popular with both employers and existing workers. It’s ideal for learners that might undertake tasks in the workplace relevant to the qualification they would like to achieve.  

In this model we recognise the relevant skills and knowledge that you already have, and then address gaps in knowledge using a combination of tailored training and assessment to meet specific requirements of the qualification you are enrolled in. 

Learning may include one on one coaching support, facilitated training workshops, use of workbooks or online learning.

Assessment is conducted holistically across the qualification which can greatly reduce completion timeframes and includes the use of workplace based evidence, observation, structured interviews and short answer questions. We do not request large essays or assignments as we find that these requests impact negatively on our learners' work/life balance, you are welcome however to complete units online or use a mixture of learning methods. 

This model is very personalised with extensive facilitator support, as a result completion rates for this model of learning and assessment are very high.

Recognition of Prior Learning Only 

If you believe that you already have all of the required skills and knowledge for the qualification then you may make an application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Upon enrolment into the RPL pathway we will provide an evidence guide to assist you with putting together your application. 

With RPL it is the applicant’s responsibility to provide enough evidence against the unit requirements. If found not yet competent based on the evidence provided, applicants will have a chance to provide more evidence within 28 days of the decision, or to enrol to complete the unit either through Online learning or Assisted Recognition.