Often training needs of individuals or of organisations cannot be met by training leading to a qualification. In these circumstances we can provide a set of competencies from a nationally recognised training package leading to a Statement of Attainment or design a short non-accredited program tailored to meet your specific needs. 

We offer some Professional Development as self-directed learning and others as customised workshops that are ideal for in-house team training within organisations. These are a powerful way to develop your team's capability, improve employee engagement and increase performance.

In addition to the courses listed, if you have a specific training goal we can create a bespoke program solution relevant to your business ensuring value for your training investment.

Self-directed courses include:


  • Leadership in work organisations

  • Performance management

  • Skills for influencing others

Performance Improvement:

  • Managing work stress

  • Prioritising work

  • Networking – how and why

  • Effective meetings

  • Innovation in the workplace


  • Developing a learning organisation

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Managing change

Human Resource Management:

  • Conducting internal audits

  • Conducting interviews

  • Developing an induction program

  • Recruiting & selecting


  • Assertive communication

  • Communication skills

Customised Professional Development workshops include:

Change Management

An interactive workshop that engages participants to understand the reasons why business organisations must participate in effective change procedures, recognising common barriers to workplace change, methods of overcoming resistance to change, and different change procedures and cycles. Plus a review of the human side of change identifying leadership attributes that support effective change, methods of encouraging others to accept and commit to change and strategies that enable monitoring and evaluation of change.

Communication for Higher Performance

A workshop designed to assist Supervisors, Team Leaders and Program Managers to improve team performance through a discovery of communication styles. Providing opportunity to self-reflect and learn more about personality types and strategies to create harmony, team work and improve individual and team performance.

Dealing with Difficult Clients

This workshop is specifically designed to provide some practical solutions to dealing with aggressive or difficult clients. Written by a human services practitioner, it is solution driven and deals with real life situations, not just theories. Safe Six is delivered in an informal, forum-styled setting, and draws and responds to the experience levels of the participants, creating a relevant, refreshing day of personal development. The better equipped staff are at handling their more extreme cases, the more supported, purposeful and confident they will feel.

Good Governance

Our governance training is designed to strengthen community organisations by building the management and governance skills of board members and key staff. Governance training topics include; board member roles and responsibilities; the legal obligations of directors; good governance practices; effective operation and documentation of board meetings; and evaluating risks and conflicts of interest. This workshop provides an opportunity to review your organisational constitution, policy and procedures and to develop better governance practice to assist your organisation's success and sustainability.

Time Management

An engaging workshop that will help participants to improve their management of time and increase efficiency and productivity. The workshop includes identification of the ways in which you currently use your time, your methods for prioritising tasks and applying a variety of time management techniques including how technology can help you manage time. This workshop will also assist you to understand your personal life vision, goals and objectives.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations Legal Requirements

Are you up to date on employment related issues? Are you correctly employing your staff? This one day workshop is both informative and practical, providing checklists and templates for all aspects of human resource management. Topics covered include; employee relations system in Australia; job design & position descriptions; developing key selection criteria and setting KPI's; recruitment; General Occupational Health and Safety obligations to employees; counselling; disciplinary procedures and dismissal; privacy; leave; and performance management. This workshop can be tailored to the not-for-profit sector or to your organisation as required.

Coaching Skills for Managers

A short course that provides the fundamentals of coaching skills for managers including a definition of coaching versus mentoring versus training, how and why people learn and their learning preferences. It introduces effective coaching methods, the GROW model, plus advice on giving and receiving feedback and assessing performance.

Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Workplace

This course can be used as part of a work readiness program or an Induction. It provides the participant with: an outline of general policy and procedures relating to the use and misuse of alcohol and/or drugs (AOD) within workplaces; the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body; and clearly highlights the impact AOD can have on workplace safety. It will help participants identify performance problems and develop basic strategies to deal with the issue when they are confronted with individuals whose performance is affected by AOD.

For more information on professional development courses available please contact us on 08 9353 3089 or by email.